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First Church is a local assembly that has membership in and fellowship with the Church of God Reformation Movement.First Church is also affiliated with the National Association of the Church of God (NACOG). Our membership and association with both of these bodies is voluntary and they in no manner dictate or direct the affairs of this local assembly. First Church is autonomous in terms of government and does not answer to any "higher" assembly or board. First Church is a growing church, one that is enjoying the blessings of God and a season of true revival.

City of Refuge Point of Impact (CORPOI) is the community development arm of First Church of God. After 10 years of dedicated community service CORPOI engaged in a process of refocusing, revising, and rebuilding it’s infrastructure while maintaining its foundation, mission, and vision. It’s name speaks to the organization's belief that community can truly be impacted when faith-based entities actively participates in community revitalization.