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T.H.E. - Through His Eyes Performing Arts Ministry

T.H.E Ministry has been in existence for over 30 years. It is a collective representation of the Performing Arts divided into two sections Movement (Liturgical Dance, Flag and Mime) and Drama, along with partnership with FCOG Music Ministry.

Upcoming Events

Black Nativity, Inspired by Langston Hughes! Wednesday, Dec. 13th & Friday, Dec. 15th | 7 PM
FREE! And open to the public


To be a world class ministry that utilizes our God given talents for the kingdom of God.


To encourage souls, evangelize the lost, and enlarge the kingdom of God, by proclaiming His Word through worship in the performing arts of dance, drama, and music.


To fulfill the mandate expressed in Acts 1:8. This ministry provides opportunities for the church to reach out into the community and beyond with the gospel of Jesus Christ. This is accomplished through our annual Worship Performances during the production season (September - April), and special engagements throughout the Columbus area.


  1. :: At least five years of age
  2. :: Member of First Church of God
  3. :: Completion of foundation classes


  1. :: Mime, Dance, Flag
  2. :: Poetry, Singing, Drama
  3. :: Lighting, Sound
  4. :: Seamstress, Make-up
  5. :: Set Design, Carpentry


The Outreach ministry serves as the evangelistic arm of the church. Evangelism is accomplished through a variety of activities and programs and in collaboration with several other ministries including:

  1. ::Community Evangelism (Programs, Senior Centers, Schools)
  2. ::Annual Worship Performance Season (September - April)
  3. ::Special engagements


Yolanda Cox, Performing Arts Ministry Director
Phone: (614)-338-8338
Email: thefcogministry@gmail.com