T.E.A.M. First Church

Team First Church 40 and under Ministries | First Church of God Columbus, OH

T.E.A.M. First Church

Taking an Experiential Approach to Ministry

This ministry provides a venue through which young adults can grow in Christ while serving and fellowshipping with one another.


A Common Vision – most teams have the common vision of winning, whether in sports or in business. We have a vision of our church for the future and as a team we can work together to see that dream and vision come to pass.

A Common Voice – one of the great components of a team is that they all, the team members say the same thing. As Believers, we know the power of words, confession and declarations. Jesus reminded us that we will have whatever we say.

A Common Volition – the word volition means will, desire and a team that truly succeeds wants the same thing and works together to make it happen. We truly believe that as a “team” we can move First Church into the future and make a mark that will never be erased.


Preparing individuals for leadership and ministry for creating the next level of the First Church experience.


Fellowship- interaction with other young adults through small groups, service projects, and social events.

Faith- spiritual growth as a group and as individuals as we support one another in our walk with God

Friendship- service within the church and surrounding community


  1. :: Must be under 40


Meetings will be announced as needed and will be determined by Bishop Clarke. If interested in joining this group, please email D. Clarke-Logan at dclarkelogan@1stchurch.net