Is the Bible accurate?

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Is the Bible accurate?

The bible is unlike any book ever written and that is because it is the word of God.

The accuracy, verity, and validity of the bible is for the believer without a doubt; and yet there are those who doubt and question the reliability and accuracy of the scriptures.

There are three tests that one can use to judge the accuracy of the bible they are:

  • The historical test- the bible was written over a period of 1600 years, by several dozen various writers and yet it remains the most read and best loved book of all times.
  • The scientific test- almost every year, archeologists, scientists, researchers are making new discoveries that again and again point to and prove the reliability of God’s word.
  • The experiential test- this may well be the most significant proof of the accuracy of God's word and that is the change that it has made in the lives of so many. Millions can attest to the power of God's word in their lives.